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Shopping in Willemstad

When you are shopping in Willemstad, you are walking in one of the most beautiful inner-cities in the world. The shops are housed in historical buildings and monuments while selling modern products. A day in Punda will certainly satisfy your shopping instinct. Shopping and visiting historic buildings is a perfect combination for a visit to Punda.

There is a variety of stores in Punda that sell all sorts of goods. Special products Curacao is known for can also be bought in Punda. Such as Dutch Delft Blue souvenirs and figurines of Curacao’s historic buildings, the original Curacao liqueur made from the skins of the bitter indigenous Laraha orange and enticing wheels of Gouda and Edam cheeses.

Most of the in Punda located shops are concentrated on the streets: Breedestraat, Handelskade, Herenstraat, Madurostraat and the Gomezplein. There you will find a wide variety of shops, a part of these shops are member of the DMO. Some shops belong also to the Quality establishment organization which is part of the DMO. These quality shops can offer you all the latest watch brands, gorgeous jewelry pieces, the finest in oriental linens, authentic Cuban cigars, cutting edge high tech electronics, all the reknown perfume and cosmetic brands, well-known designer clothing, and not to mention great souvenir crafts and t-shirts to let everyone know you have been to the Caribbean’s paradise.

Shopping in Punda means the perfect mix: the best brands and the best prices! It is an unforgettable “Dushi” experience.